I've heard the talk from time to time about creatures people can't identify. In fact, in recent years, people often talk about the Beaman Monster or maybe a bigfoot like creature in Otterville.  I don't know if any of that is true, but apparently some Lee's Summit Boy Scouts might have a clue to the case.

The Scout Leader, Jeff Newhard, said the Troop was on a camping trip and heard noises.  They didn't get out of the tent and investigate - safety first- but they did wake up to huge footprints in the area.  So Jeff and the group contacted a known Bigfoot Hunter, Tom Biscardi, to investigate.  They put up trail cams and took plaster casts of the footprints, but... didn't find much else afterwards.

The expert says that the many caves of Missouri are the best places for the Bigfoot creature to hide in! I wonder if there are any hidden caves near Beaman or Otterville.  Maybe that's where they've been hiding all this time!

I don't know the truth on this one, but it's definitely fascinating. Could there be a whole undiscovered species of animal that we've just not been quick or smart enough to see?  I definitely am not going to go all Boggy Creek and investigate myself, I can tell you that for sure.  I think I would jump out of my own skin if I was face to face with a Bigfoot or a Monster or whatever.

If you want to watch the video with the interview with Mr. Newhard, you can find it here.   What do you think? Do you think these sasquatch/yeti/bigfoot stories have any truth to them?  Do you think people are just making up stories? What do you think is really out there?  Let me know in the comments!

Bigfootingly yours,

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