I like to think of myself as a rational, logical person.  I believe in science.  But I love a good conspiracy story, I can't help it! It's the same way with ghost stories.  I don't believe ghosts are real, but I love to hear the stories people tell.  So I was doing the standard thing I do, looking for something to write about here, and I found this (grammar and punctuation corrected by me).

On this day, I drove into Warsaw, Mo. to check the mailbox at the post office downtown. As I was heading west, in front of Newman`s grocery store I passed a black car heading east with two men in it. The men were dressed in black suits and black glasses riding in a older model black car. I thought right away, men-in-black! I thought that was an odd event. I picked up the mail and headed back to the office outside of Warsaw south. An hour later, I needed to run out to the Warsaw high school for some paper work. As I headed on the highway south towards the high school, I just happened to look left,  and there sat the black car facing north towards our office. I thought,"How odd!".  Later that day, I finished work and headed home to Sedalia.  When I arrived to my apartment, around 6:30 p.m., I looked out my second floor apartment sliding door and saw the same black car backed into the apartment complex parking lot! I thought "What heavens?" About an hour later, the car was gone. I went over to see my mom, who lived next door. While I was over there, I also went to see  an older lady friend who lived next to my mom. My friend told me that some IRS men had asked her some questions about me. Now, I knew why they had been there.

So what's the deal? I've never seen IRS agents out in black cars following people.  But then, I've always paid my taxes, so maybe they wouldn't be interested in me. If they were IRS agents, though, why wouldn't they just talk to you? Don't they want their money? If they're investigating something, they have to interview you and look at your records or whatever it is they do.  They don't just follow you around and ask other people about you, right?  Why wouldn't they talk to your boss?

This seems a little more sinister.   IRS agents aren't this exciting. They're pencil pushers, right?  But I don't really know if I believe the whole "Men In Black coming to get you from the government" thing.  I don't put it past the government to do anything they want in super secret recesses, though. I just think they're not too interested in everyday people.  They're probably doing experiments on camels on a secret base in Wyoming or something.

Or, maybe it wasn't anything that complicated.  Maybe it was criminal! Maybe they were following her, trying to case her office, or maybe try breaking into her apartment?  Maybe they were going to abduct her and sell her in Thailand!

What do you think happened?  Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Tell me all about it and we'll theorize together!

Blackly yours,


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