You guys, I know this will probably sound pretty boring. But I'm not a wild person that's going out to The Clerb every night, so this is what I'm working with.

As you probably remember, I've been working a little more consciously about being better about my health.  I've been watching what I eat, working out on the excercise bike/weighted hula hoop, pretty much quit drinking, etc.  Lots of water.  And asparagus.  But for the most part it's been pretty good, and my sizes are starting to shrink.  I'm down almost thirty pounds, but I still have a ways to go.

So in my quest to eat better, I've been, for the most part, avoiding excessive amounts of sweets.  If I have a little treat it's a mini chocolate or a yogurt cup (I can have peach flavor in the house now without complaint, ha).  Or if I'm feeling rebellious, I might even have a frozen yogurt.  But I saw this, and well, I just had to cave.


Yep.  You heard about it, the Little Debbie snack cake ice cream.  I found it at the People's Republic of Walton (read: Wal-Mart).  They had all the flavors, and I nearly got two (I do love me some Honey Buns), but I restrained myself to just one pint of Zebra Cake.

So how was it? In a word.... disappointing. Don't get me wrong. It was delicious.  The ice cream itself is nice and smooth, there's a little swirl of fudge, that's good stuff.  But... it's not Zebra Cake flavored.  It's vanilla ice cream with little chunks of cake in it.  Maybe my pallet is unrefined, but I didn't get the idea that it was cake flavored ice cream.  And to be honest, I didn't even really get a vibe of the cakes being very Zebra-Cakey, if that makes sense.


I love Zebra Cakes. Love 'em.  My hips are the proof.  But this was... exactly I guess what it's supposed to be. Just a novelty.  This isn't something you're going to want to become a full time, every other week purchase.  At least, in my very chubby opinion, it's not.  Heck, you might as well just get a scoop of regular vanilla and crumble up some little bits of the cakes in em, and it'd be the same thing. Maybe that's part of the problem, maybe I tried the wrong flavor? The Nutty Bar flavor is supposed to be peanut butter flavored ice cream, maybe that would be more exciting?  Or maybe the Honey Bun would actually be honey flavored ice cream? I don't know if I was expecting it just to be amazing, or if I was expecting magic, and that might be on me.  I might have been asking too much.  But this was, to me, underwhelming.

Worth a try, sure.  But if they're taken off the market (which Little Debbie says isn't happening, they say it's permanent), I won't miss it. And it doesn't make me want to run out and buy the other flavors, if this is what they're going to be like.  I'd rather put my own Oatmeal Cream Pies in the fridge or something.  Anyways, you can get 'em at the store.  They're there.  And they're not super expensive, just a normal price for a pint.

Should I try the famous Van Leeuwen ice cream next?  Those flavors look insane - pizza, planet earth (that's a flavor?!), mac and cheese, etc.  Have you tried the Little Debbie ice creams? What'd you think?

Debbingly yours,


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