I've lived in Sedalia pretty much my whole life, I think you guys know this.And that means that I learned to drive in Sedalia. My father tried to teach me at first, but I tested his patience a little too much. My mom took over after that, and eventually it all worked out. So as someone who has driven in this town for about twenty years, I like to think I know the layout and traffic pretty well.

We've talked about some things about Sedalia driving before. I think we all needed to vent a little. One thing that got brought up in the comments was this infamous intersection:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yep, the corner of Broadway and Massachusetts. You can't turn right at that intersection because of the one way next to Smith Cotton (well, the old high school, let's put it that way). So really, your only legal way to travel through that area is to either go straight or turn left. Turning left is almost always a problem.  It's one of those lights that you have to yield to oncoming traffic, and almost always there is a wait for a break in the traffic. That causes more of a traffic problem for the people who are behind the person trying to turn left. Me, I don't turn left there.  I'll turn left a block down, where there's less traffic, and then get to where I want to go by 7th Street.

I know there's some good food, important media, and a great school and worship house right there. But... I don't get it. Why would you turn left there? Why not just do what I do and turn a little earlier, so you don't cause a line? I mean, there's even a little turn lane at the corner of Broadway and Lamine. There you can take your time, turn when you feel comfortable, and there's nobody angry and honking behind you.

I mean, if we're being real here, I don't even really like to drive on Broadway unless it's about four in the morning. If I can avoid it, I do. But... just why? If you turn left at Massachusetts and Broadway, please tell me why.

For those of you who don't... we might learn something? Maybe there's a really good reason to turn there instead of Lamine. Maybe it's just that we're all to impatient. I don't know.

Inquiringly yours,

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