It's time to recognize another great person here in town just doing the right thing because they see a need! 

That's really all we mean when we say we're looking for an Unsung Hero. It doesn't have to be somebody who flashes around a lot of money. It can be somebody who volunteers their time, who helps out where they can, who is always around and vocal about helping others.  That's where our newest nominee, John Ehlers, comes in.  Here's his nomination submission from one of his employees, Holly Sands:

Jon loves his town and supports it. He is always giving or sponsoring school events such as; football, baseball, etc.  He also supports other local schools. Relay for life, the ambulance department, pretty much anything that can help Sedalia or Cole Camp. He is always looking for ways to improve the town(s). He is also amazing to work for and thinks of others first and then himself.

Dr. John is a dentist here in town. He owns Tiger Family Dental, and he's got three little ones at home.  He's from Cole Camp and loves to help both back home and here in Sedalia.  He loves the support he gets from Sedalia, Cole Camp, and the surrounding areas, and wants to continue to help wherever he can.

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Here's an interview he did with our local reporter Randy Kirby about his hobbies, his family, his practice, and what he does here in West Central Missouri to help out.  You can listen to it right here!

You can nominate your next Unsung Hero right here. It can be anybody who you know, or in this case, work with! If they're doing some good here in our towns, we wanna know.

Unsungly yours,

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