Apparently winter's come early this year, and I'm not an outdoorsy person to begin with. So,  here are five date ideas Husbando and I like that don't even involve leaving your house . . .

1.  Give each other serious massages.  I'm not talking about a half-assed backrub.  Get some  lotion, and really get into it.

2.  Take a bath together.

3.  Watch each other's favorite movies back-to-back.

4.  Binge-watch an entire season of a TV show.

5.  Play some board games.  Up the stakes by competing for things like who gets to choose the next restaurant you eat at, who has to do what chores, stuff like that.

Do you like stay at home dates? What kind of stuff do you like to do?  Do you prefer to go out and eat or go to the movies?  Let me know what you like!

Homebodily yours,


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