One of the things that annoys me about myself is my scared driving. I guess I'm just trying to be cautious, but I swear I will take three rights to avoid a left at certain intersections in Sedalia. I don't want to be the person everybody's shouting at! I know I probably should have gone there, but I didn't! I'll take the next one! So, I just go right more times than I need to and avoid it altogether. I'll turn left at a light, sure. Well, almost any light.  But there are some places in Sedalia where I know I avoid those intersections like the PLAGUE.

Here are some of my least favorites:

1.  Broadway and Massachusetts. 

You can't turn right there because of the school, and if you turn left there, you're backing up traffic. I certainly won't turn left at Broadway and Massachusetts. That will take forever.  And you might not even be able to turn! If traffic is that bad, you end up turning on a red, which is dangerous and illegal.  Or if you're that guy that went out past the line, there you are in the middle of the intersection, so you HAVE to do it.

2.  10th and Thompson. 

I hate turning left on 10th and Thompson. If you're LUCKY, someone will either move quickly out of the right turn lane, or not be there at all. If someone's there, I can hardly ever see past them to check traffic. Half the time someone will creep up on that side further, because they can't see either.  My bank is right there, and my doctor's office is nearby, and I'll happily go down to 16th and take the light, turn again at the light on Limit, rather than try to turn left.

3.  14th and Limit. 

I marvel at anybody who tries to turn left at 14th and Limit. I've seen the occasional miracle get across the street that way, but most of the time I will go back toward State Fair Boulevard rather than try to get across Limit.  This is always true if I'm leaving the Woods Supermarket there. I'll never try to turn left leaving Woods.

4.  State Fair Boulevard and 16th Street. 

And SPEAKING of State Fair Boulevard, how does anyone turn left OR right onto 16th? I can never see anything. I always feel a little scared trying to merge in that little median type thing, so I try to never turn left there. But turning right is almost just as bad, because you can't see!

5.  New York and Broadway. 

There's another great example of not being able to see unless you creep up right past the stop sign. I just want to be able to cross the dang street!  So really, again, I will turn over at 16th and go down to Engineer so I can have the light, rather than try to cross against traffic.  The girls love going to Centennial Park every now and then (the accessible park is there for their Dad), and that's fine. But I will avoid everything I can  to get around New York and Broadway.

What would you add to the list?

Drivingly yours,

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