f you're sick of eating the same old thing, check out this list from "Reader's Digest" of four foods you can only get this time of year.


#1.)  Blood Oranges.  They're red on the inside, and they're good in salads and salsa.  Or if you're 150 years old, they make good marmalade.  They're available from now through April.  Clementines are another type of orange you can only get right now.  But they'll be gone by next month.


#2.)  Black Truffles.  They're picked between December and February, and they're mostly available at high-end restaurants.  Or you can buy some and cook them yourself . . . if you're willing to pay $600 A POUND.

#3.)  Meyer Lemons.  They're a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, so they're not as sour as a normal lemon.  They're in season until April.


#4.)  Stone Crabs.  You can get them between October and May . . . so they're actually available MOST of the year.  But I'm thinking they made the "Reader's Digest" list because of THIS.   It sounds horrible, but instead of killing the whole crab, they just RIP OFF ONE OF ITS ARMS and throw the rest back in the ocean. 

 The crab survives, still has one claw to defend itself, and the other claw eventually GROWS BACK in about a year.  Eugh.

What do you like to eat around this time of year?

Noshily yours,

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