I admit, I don't take many pictures of myself.  I don't feel the need to. 

But then, I am old an curmudgeonly, so nobody wants to see that, anyway.  But I know that social media has really inspired a lot of people to get more interested in photography.  And it's definitely made people more aware of beautiful photo ops!  SOooooo, what have I got for you? The perfect photo backgrounds, right here in West Central Missouri.

If you don't remember, Red Barn Ranch is over in Harrisonville. In fact, they were in the news nationally not that long ago as one of the owners was featured on the Netflix show Queer Eye.  I got to talk to him on the phone and he was a total sweet heart with huge goals and lots of plans to help people.  Anyway, Red Barn Ranch is going to have a huge event for all you nature lovers and you social media butterflies.

It's coming up July 9th through the 11th, a whole weekend thing. They're going to have their Sunflower fields open, professional photographers onsite, entertainment with wagon rides, a train, slides, swings, a petting zoo, craft vendors, tons of food (Mo Bros BBQ, Jus Chill'n Sweets N Treats, Country Bumpkin Icery), and live music all three days!  The music will be from the Baker Brothers, Michael Dale and the Hired Guns, and Brian Jones.  You bring your own lawnchair, pick your spot, pretty straightforward.  And it's not a super expensive entry fee, only eight bucks.  You can even pick your own sunflowers for a buck.

Imagine the perfect pictures you'll get! You can take cute photos of your kid in a sunflower field!  You can take a sweet photo of your significant other presenting you with a huge sunflower!  You can take a pic of your baby dancing to the music!  Another photo of you getting barbecue sauce all over your face? Maybe a photo of your dog on the train? I don't know. Do they let you bring your dog? That might be something to ask.  Either way, I'm telling you, your photos are going to be great.

This sounds like a lot of fun, even for a hermit that lives under a rock like me. Anyway, if you want to find out more about it, you can go to their website or their Facebook.

Sunfloweringly yours,

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