I admit, Husbando sometimes drives me bonkers. He'll do this thing sometimes where I ask him a question, and he'll respond in the most "How Could You Not Know That, It's the Most Obvious Thing Ever" tone.  He swears up and down he doesn't mean it like that, but that's DEFINITELY how it comes out.  He'll also have me cut his fingernails for him (his hands shake sometimes) and Inevitably, every time I do, a nail will fly into my face.  One time it flew in my nostril.  Yes, right up there.

And I'm sure I do all sorts of things that drive him nuts every day. I'm sure I don't put the dishes away the way he wants me to, and I spoil the cats too much.  I'm stingy with the money (I'm the one in charge of finances) and don't let him order Chinese food as much as he wants to.  I have a lot of hair and sometimes forget to fish it out of the drain, and my face wash has little grains in it that can stick around in the sink if I don't rinse it well enough.

But, there are a lot of good things, and that balance is important.

Turns out that spending the rest of your life having your bad habits passive-aggressively picked apart is GOOD for your health.  According to a study at the University of Chicago, people who are married or in long-term committed relationships have LOWER stress levels than single people.

 They found that being in a long-term relationship actually ALTERS your biological makeup:   When you know you have the support from a relationship, your body produces fewer hormones that cause stress.

So there you have it, I'll be annoying Husbando... for his own good. That means more Tweeting out the stupid stuff he says to my friends, as well as continually playing BTS World just loud enough so he can hear them talk.  I'm doing it for his HEALTH.

Annoyingly yours,

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