Okay. I admit it. I snore.  My mom snored.  But Husbando does, too! 

He rarely wakes me up with his snoring, but apparently I'm the worst.  I can't help it! So, to be a good wife/sleeping companion, I decided to do some research and see what I can do to maybe try to get the snoring to die down a bit.

1.  Sing along to the radio.

I saw a study online that found that people who sing a lot are less likely to snore, because it strengthens your throat muscles.  You know I got this down pat.  So if you see some weirdo in a Corolla singing loudly at the intersection of 16th and Grand, cut me some slack. I'm doing it for SCIENCE.

2.  Sew a tennis ball into the back of a t-shirt.

This isn't really about science, this is an old trick my Grandma told me about. Sleeping on a tennis ball won't do anything, but the point is you WON'T sleep on it.  You're just much more likely to snore if you're on your back.  And the tennis ball forces you to sleep on your side instead. Which means less of the old snorey snore.

3.  Do some tongue aerobics.

I'm not sure about this one, someone suggested it on Reddit. Just stick your tongue out and try to touch your chin . . . then try to touch your nose . . . then repeat it.  I guess it couldn't hurt?

4.  Put a big book under your mattress.

This one seems similar to some other ideas I've heard. If it's under your head, it forces you to sit up a little, which can stop you from snoring.  You can also do it with an extra pillow, but there's a chance you'll toss it off your bed in the middle of the night.  Not that I'm saying I've done that.  All blankets, pillows and accoutrements stay in the bed all night long in the Moreland household.  And I also stay neatly in the same spot all night long, and never, ever crowd Husbando.

5.  Clean your bedroom.

This was a Husbando suggestion!  He knows I have bad allergies, and that can definitely affect your breathing. Dust and other allergens can stuff you up at night, so you have to breathe through your mouth, and you're more likely to snore.

6.  Wear compression socks.

This is another Husbando suggestion, but I don't know.  He wears these things like, every day and swears by them.  But I don't know if I can see myself actually putting them on.  But he says he saw it online and swears it can help with sleep apnea, because it prevents fluid from building up in your lower legs during the day.  I guess when you lie down, that fluid can shift to your neck area, and make you snore.

Well, I'll try a few of these here and there and see what works. What do you do to cut down on or stop snoring with your household?

Snoringly yours,


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