I don't know about you, but I'm in no hurry at all to have to brush the snow off my car, or get out and shovel the walk.

Yet, as we inch closer and closer to November and colder temperatures. You just know there will be several times over the course of the winter when we'll all be out there scraping and shoveling. Some of us, green with envy of the guy at the end of the block with the snowblower.

On top of it, I don't have a garage. So depending on when it snows and how much it snows. I really dread it. It's not just getting the snow off my driveway. It's also getting the snow off our vehicles.

Now, I don't remember a lot of snow before Christmas in West Central Missouri. It's January through April that I believe can deliver a hefty dose of snow for us. Yet, maybe we can figure out when the first snow will occur thanks to the National Weather Service out of Pleasant Hill:

2021, January 1 (2022)- 2.1 inches

2020, October 26- .9 inches

2019, October 28- .3 inches

2018, October 14- .2 inches

2017, December 24- 1.1 inches

2016, December 7- .3 inches

2015, December 28- 2.3 inches

2014, November 11- .1 inches

2013, December 5- 1.2 inches

2012, December 20- 2.5 inches

Turns out I'm right. While we can get snow in West Central Missouri as early as late October, it doesn't seem like we get very much snow at all. Certainly not enough to worry about. It's the snow we get from December - April that can mess everything up.

Weather Spark says our snowiest month of the year is January with an average snowfall of just under three inches, and our snow season lasts from November 23 through March 13.

Of course, now that I've put all this data in writing, there's a chance you'll be able to go sledding on Halloween this year. Hopefully not.

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