I know that you know that we got some weather today. And it wasn't anything we haven't seen before.In fact, I'm sure you remember that we've seen worse.  But this time, I noticed something a little different.

Dear Sedalia Drivers,

I am a person who has to get out in whatever weather we have here in Missouri. I mean, some days I get snowed or iced in just like you do.  But the vast majority of the time, I have to get out to get to work because you need information.  While I was able to let you know what was going on, not always could I see outside.

So by the time it came to make my way out, I was dreading it.  Not just the actual de-snowing and de-frosting process.  That's a given.  When I came in to work, there was a bit of ice, but not much. By the time I left...well. There was snow.  All over.  So I was not looking forward to driving on our Sedalia roads because frankly, it can be scary.

You don't know if you'll hit a patch of ice under some snow, or if someone else will and might veer out of their lanes, or if someone will get stuck, it's a wild card problem.  So I went out with a little nervousness and a lot of apprehension, ready for anything.

But when I went out to go home..... nobody was on the roads.  What is normal busy Sedalia traffic had slowed down to almost nothing. I think (other than work trucks that were trying clear the roads) I saw maybe...ten vehicles total.  It made it super easy to drive slowly and cautiously on my way home.

I wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for staying in when you could. I know some of you didn't have a choice (kids, work cancelled, etc)...but.  Some of you could have been running out doing normal errands or stopping to get bread and milk, you know how we are.  But you weren't. You stayed off the roads.  I appreciate that. And I'm sure the work crews appreciate that. I'm sure the Sedalia Police Department, the Sedalia Fire Department, the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.. I'm sure they all appreciate it too.

For me, it just made me feel safer.  But for them, I'm sure they're happy to not see as many people out because that means they'll have less calls where people can seriously get hurt. Less people out in treacherous weather means less accidents. It means less avoidable property damage.  And frankly, it makes the work crew able to be more efficient since they don't need to worry about traffic.

So, Sedalia Drivers, thank you.  Thank you for staying in and staying safe and making a lot of people's job's easier.  Don't forget, though, we'll be here to help you if you need information.  We'll try to make going back to everything (maybe Monday?  or maybe after President's Day?) a little easier.  Thanks for not panicking and staying safe.

Thankfully yours,

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