I don't think it's an uncommon problem, but it can get serious quick.Husbando has trouble sleeping sometimes.  It's just a thing since he's home on the regular, so he tries to get out and go to the gym, run errands and stuff like that.  But lately, it's been creeping up again, to the point where he's not sleeping well or sleeping only maybe four hours a night.

So since common methods aren't really working (you know, sleep supplements, vitamins, stuff like that), I decided to turn to our friend The Internetz.  And I found a few things that just might work! Maybe it'll help you too, when you have similar circumstances.

It takes about ten days to change your sleep schedule. Meaning that if you wake up at the same time for ten days straight, your body will start doing it naturally - as long as you get enough sleep. Here are three tricks that can help.

1. Set a nighttime alarm.

What I mean is, setting an alarm to remind you it's almost time for bed. According to one expert, if you need to get in bed by 11, an alarm reminding you at 10:30 will make you more likely to actually DO it.

2. Try a computer program called "Flux".

It's available for PC's and Macs, and automatically dims your screen at night. You probably know this by now, but staring at a bright screen tricks your body into thinking the sun is still up, so you don't feel tired.

3. Get some ACTUAL sun as soon as you wake up.

Sitting in the sun for just 10 or 15 minutes can help wake you up. And it also resets your internal clock, so you're more likely to feel tired later that night.

So, I shall present my research to Husbando and see how it helps him.  What are some of your tips for getting to sleep easier?  Tips for staying asleep? Getting good sleep?

Sleepily yours,

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