So I was on the socials the other day, and a friend of mine posted a photo. It was a bag of "Outdoor Buns".  Apparently where she moved (she used to live in Iowa, now lives in Washington state, just in case you were curious), that's what they call bratwurst buns.  So do they have "Indoor Buns"?  But then I also started to think... wait.  Have I ever used a bratwurst bun?  We've always just used regular hot dog buns for that, right?

The realization hit me, that yes, I have only used hot dog buns, whether cooking hot dogs or bratwursts.  Apparently this is a Thing, and again, I am Patrick Star*.  They even have multiple names, like Sheybogan Rolls, Gordons, Wisconsin Rolls, etc.  So I went to the Google (my search history must be very..... "interesting") and lo and behold, yes, there are such things as bratwurst buns.  They're harder and shorter, and apparently it's a very serious matter.  I even found a quote from the Corporate Chef of Johnsonville Brats about it:

Here in the land of Bratwurst, Brats are traditionally eaten on a Sheboygan Hard Roll in doubles...The roll itself is round. The habit of putting a sausage onto a hot dog bun is an American creation. Most buns were developed to fit hot dogs and not traditional sausage.

Woah.  I had no idea! Have I even seen these things in stores? I never knew to LOOK for them, so I probably didn't.

What do you use when you're grilling up some brats? Do you use hot dog buns, do you find bratwurst rolls, do you just go without?  What's your preference?

Rollingly yours,











*That's a "I live under a rock" joke.

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