Husbando is a big fan of snacks.  He prefers them to be mostly savory in nature. But he tends to get bored with his snacks every now and then.  Sometimes he'll eat in the shell peanuts, sometimes he'll eat hummus with pita chips, sometimes he'll eat chips and salsa, whatever I get him.  I've been trying to expand our horizons snack wise, and also health wise.  I mean, if we can eat something a little healthier than chips and french onion dip, why not, right?

So that led me to the Grocery Store that rhymes with Baldi (I don't know why I'm doing the rhyming thing lately, there's no point).  I saw these, and I thought, huh.  That might be a good snack for yours truly! So why not, I impulsively took it upon myself to purchase said item.


They're the Fusia Crunch Rice Rolls.  I figured they might remind me of rice cakes (one of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese on a rice cake).  Or maybe they'd remind me of my favorite little rice senbai I told you guys about the other day.  The options were endless!

To the office we went.  I took out a little roll of rice.  Seems pleasant enough.  Smells sweet. I think I know where this is going to go.  I thought they would maybe be a little firmer than a Rice Crispies treat.  I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.  They are sweet, and the taste is pleasant, but they weren't kidding around with the crunchy descriptor.

They're good, but..... They're SO Crunchy.  Like, super loud crunchy.  Like, almost embarrassing to eat crunchy. So crunchy I was worried about my teeth for about a hot second. I can tell Husbando will not enjoy these.  However, I will enjoy them.  Maybe in the future I will cut them up into little bites so they're easier to get my gaping maw around them.

Overall, I would recommend these if you like a nice, light snack. They're low in calories and sodium, so that's a good thing.  And if you like a little sweetness with your snackin, you can't beat it.

Have you ever tried these? Would you try them? What do you think? What's your favorite sittin' around snack?

Snackily yours,

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