I'm sure I don't need another tool to waste time in my life, but I found one!

I had never heard of this before, but it's a totally cool thing that you can do, too.  I bet kids would love it. You can just go to the site and start making your own song.  It's super easy to figure out, and you can play around with it for as long as you want, and even save your little songs!  Here's the one I made.

I know, I missed my calling, right.  I should have been the next Pharrell or something. I used to play piano and violin, so maybe some of those old memories/insticts can come into the mix when I start really playing with it.  I can just imagine all the songs you guys could make.  You can slow it down, speed it up, change the tone, you can do just about anything!

Hopefully your creativity is sparked!

Musically yours,


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