At the absolute best, someone lost a perfectly good bat. 

So one of the little jobs I have here at the station is to check on the little storage building we have around the back. Every so often, vandals or attempted thieves will try to get in it and see if there's anything worth taking (there isn't, unless you really need an old, rusty box fan).

So I was out back, checking it out, and I noticed something in the little creek that runs behind the building.


Okay, that has not been there for very long, I don't think.  To give you a little context, this is right next to the Katy Trail.


You see behind the trees, there up at the top? That's the trail.  It's not very far away at all. Maybe twenty feet? I have no ability to gauge distances.

So I naturally got curious, what happened here?  My first thought was, someone had the bat for nefarious purposes and ditched it off the trail. Maybe someone was trying to vandalize something, got caught, ran and ditched the bat? Maybe someone was carrying a bat for protection and got spooked?

Of course, I wanted to think the best of whoever was carrying said bat, so I imagined a scenario where it was as positive as possible.  So let's say two kids are walking home from school, on the trail.  They're horsing around, you know, like kids.  A little game comes up, things get a little off the mark, and suddenly whoosh! There goes the bat.  Well, that little bit of land there is kind of steep and very muddy, so no kid would want to risk trying to go down that hill, because one slip and you're covered in mud.  How are you gonna explain that to Mom?  And how much trouble are you going to get into for tossing around your baseball bat?  Those things aren't cheap, you know! So either way, it's either get muddy and get in trouble, or lose your bat and get in trouble.

None of the scenarios seem good - criminal, protective or playful.  And the sad thing is, somebody lost a perfectly good bat. And I'm not going to go for it, you see that mud and water along the creek?  No way, Jose.  I don't even know what I'd do with it, anyways.

What do you think happened? I know it's probably a criminal/vandal, but... hey, it could be anything.

Battingly yours,


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