You guys, I am a person who loves me some hot sauce. 

Obviously, that's why I have a whole caddy of them in my fridge for easy access.  But lately... I have discovered something that just may usurp the title of "I Put That on Everything" from that certain brand of Louisiana style hot sauce.


(RJ is peeking in to say hello)

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Yes, chili crisp.  Well, I tend to think of both of these things as the same, although they're kind of not. Similar vibes, but different. The one on the left is chili crisp, which has not just chili oil but little bits of other things in it like beans.  The crunchy garlic is mostly garlic in the oil, but it also has some almonds in it.  I get that they probably aren't something you see terribly often (or maybe they are, but I live under a rock so.... I wouldn't put it past me to miss a lot of stuff), but they're not uncommon. Nor are they hard to find.  I picked up the garlic at an Asian grocery store in Columbia, but the chili crisp was right next to the soy sauce at the Sedville People's Republic of Walton. Not too expensive, either. I seem to remember neither one was much over three or four bucks.

As some one who likes flavorful seasonings (and I eat a lot of 'em too, my belly fat can attest to that), these two are just perfect. The garlic is great with eggs and potatoes.  The chili crisp is heavenly mixed in with some mayo on your turkey sammitch.  Now I will say that the crunchy garlic label is not lying - it's really not spicy at all.  It is red, and it is chili oil, so I get why you would be skeptical, but think of it more like a mild chili spice.  Like, you could serve that to a four year old, no problem level of spice.  The chili crisp is a bit more spicy - but in a "I notice that, but it's not overbearing" level of spice.

I have to remind myself lately that not everything I eat needs to have chili crisp or crunchy garlic on it...but that doesn't mean I'm not trying different things with them. Veggies?  Yes please, pass me the chili crisp.  Grilled cheese? I bet it'd be great with a little crunchy garlic.  Breakfast cereal? Okay.....maybe we should rethink this.

Anyway, it's delicious and I suggest you try them.  What are some of your "I Put that On Everything" condiments?  I'm sure you have a couple.  Tell us all about em!

Spicily Yours,

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