Husbando and I have a system.I feel bad that he moved away from Columbia and left his friends and stuff behind to come up here to Sedalia just to be with me.  You get it, right? So every week, he goes down to Columbia or Jeff City and spends a night or so with his friends playing bocce or table games. And to be honest, I like having an evening alone every now and then. It's good for him to still have that connection with his life down there, and it's good for me to sit on the couch and loudly sing to my music in incorrect Korean.  You get it.

But my Dad told me that he thinks its strange that we spend an evening or so a  week apart, and that he and my Mom did a lot more stuff together than we do.  I thought long and hard about that and wondered, does that mean my marriage isn't as good as it could be?  Well, turns out science is here to back me up for once.

There's some pretty great irony here. A new study found the KEY to a great marriage  is doing things without each other.  78% of happy, successful couples say it's important for both people to pursue their own individual interests and hobbies.

That got more than TWICE as many votes as the number two key to a successful marriage . . . 36% say it's key to learn how to argue in a healthy way. (People could give more than one answer.)

The study also asked DIVORCING couples what caused them to split up. 70% of men say their wife nagged them or complained too much . . . 83% of women say their husband didn't pay enough attention to their feelings and opinions.

SEE?! I'm totally good in him going off and doing his own thing, and me doing mine. It's... daebak.  Sorry.  I'll see myself out.

Marriedly yours,


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