You know just as well as I do that there are internet criminals out there. 

I get a ton of emails from people trying to scam me out of something or other.  Well jokes on you, criminals, I ain't got nothin worth stealing!  But, they're going to keep trying to get into your email, your computer, your phone, your bank account, etc.  So every now and then, ya just gotta change the passwords. I get it.  I'm not that stupid (the debate rages on how stupid, but probably not that stupid), I know you have to stay on your toes.

But that doesn't mean I have to LIKE it.

Every few months or so, the work email prompts me to change my password. And every time, I put it off til the last possible minute.  I haven't had a "catchy password" in years. Well, you know, one I like and can remember easily without some kind of prompt.

So, I put it off, like the functioning adult I am that pays my insurance, remembers to buy hummus, and drops off the water bill at the little kiosk next to the Municipal Building on time. You'd think I'd just get it over with and move on with my life, but no.  I wait until the very last business day.  I wait until I've gotten at least seven emails, giving me what is essentially a count down of how many days I have left to make this decision. Then, I have to spend about ten minutes or so to come up with a new password, because the ones I try are never good enough the first few go rounds. I guess I didn't use enough numbers or enough strange symbols.  So it takes a few incarnations, and a few rejected tries before I get one that sticks.  Of course I never remember to have my cell phone handy to get the authenticator code, so that's another couple minutes. And good luck REMEMBERING it the next morning.

I guess I should look at it positively.  This is a chance for a renewal, a prompt to make sure I'm taking care of myself instead of seeing it as a nuisance.

Nah.  It's just annoying.

Seriously, what are they going to steal from me?  An email from the company with the list of the Employee of the Month (Congrats Mike)? A press release from the Warrensburg Chamber about a Digital Marketing Series?  The chain of emails about how sticky the men's bathroom floor is?* Is it really worth your time to try to hack in to my Super Exciting Work Email?

Well, either way, you ain't gettin it, 'cos that password is CHANGED.  Again.  With a vengeance, if you will. With prejudice, if that's a thing.  Here's hoping I remember it with my blurry morning brain tomorrow.

Securely yours,








*Current theories include a concentrated cleaner/disinfectant and Gorilla Glue

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