I know I see them everywhere. There are a ton of apps, articles, and new-age ways to deal with stress now.  But it's nice to know a few old tricks still work.

If you're stressed out at your job, a new study found keeping a PLANT on your desk really can help.  I didn't even know, and I've got a small plant family living in my office now, to join Steve.

This is Jacinda.  I have no idea what kind of plant she is.  I just know that she used to have a big red part at the top (storm incident), but that fell off.  So now she chills in my office, because I was worried about her falling down again and getting hurt.  Parts of her look kinda brown, but.... she's doing okay.  She has a couple little bits at the bottom growing in!


And this is Irving, my peace lily.  He's not flowering right now, but he is really enjoying all these steady, indoor temperatures.  And lots of water. I put nametags on everyone to kind of complete a joke.  You see, when I brought him in, my boss joked that he should speak to the plants to help with stress.  And so I thought, they should be on a first name basis, right? Seems only polite to have everyone nametagged.


Researchers in Japan had about 60 people take small, three-minute breaks at their desk whenever they felt stressed.

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First, none of them had plants.  Then each person got one small plant to put next to their computer screen where they could see it.  And once the plants were there, the short breaks helped even more.


This is Myrna Loy.  She's doing pretty well, although I had to separate her from her brother, Lon Cheney.  That's another story for another day.

ANYWAY.  Back to the study!  So the participants in the survey kept a little plant next to their computer screens.  Their heart rates were lower, and they scored better on anxiety tests.

Apparently just seeing the plant over and over all day made a difference.  But watering it and having something to care for also played a part.  I coulda told ya that, though.  Look at Namjun here.


I was super invested in making sure Namjun was okay - and it helped when I was told that he is actually  more of a ficus, rather than a bonzai tree (thanks, India!).  He needed more light and less watering.   And.... look what happened!


Yep, those are two little new growth leaves!  I was so worried about him because he kept losing leaves all over the shop, but he seems to have calmed down now. The way I did a little happy dance when I saw those, I tell ya.

The great thing is a plant doesn't have to take a up a lot of space.  The ones in the study were tiny.  So even something like a small succulent works.  So that might work for you.  Maybe you can find someone like Steve!


Steve is the OG office plant, you guys.  I've had Steve for over fifteen years.  I don't even remember when I got him.  I wanna say it was back in the 2000's.  Anyway.  He's been pretty much just one vine that has grown crazy long and is currently over 18 feet (he's wrapped almost the entire way around the walls of my office).   It's been just me and Steve for a long time.  But a few months ago, he lost a couple leaves.  Happens.  I took a chance and just... stuck them in the dirt and hoped they'd thrive.

After a few weeks, I noticed the new bits were starting to stick...and now?


You see that little white thing sticking up? THAT'S NEW GROWTH, BABY!  Steve is going to be Dad!  I wonder if this new vine will make it's way around the other end of my office.... hmm.  That might make it tough to move offices anytime soon.  I guess if they sack me, whoever takes over will have to take custody of Steve?  Hopefully not.

Do you have any plants in your work space?

Plantily yours,


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