I don't know what happened to me this summer, but I have become a Plant Lady.I don't know if it has really devolved into a "Crazy Plant Lady" scenario, but.... it's definitely become more of a thing than it ever was before.

See, I was never too big on plants.  My Mom loved 'em, and we always had them as a kid, but they weren't a big deal for me. Sure, they were nice to have outside, but other than Steve, I didn't really bother with too much.  Really, Steve was always just a chill plant, and even now he doesn't need much.  I've learned he's a relative of Devil's Ivy, so he's durn near impossible to kill, which is great.

But somehow, over the summer, I've managed to get thirteen plants on my porch.  Then there's Downtown James Brown, who was a gift NJ bought from Sutherland's for me.  I kept him on the porch for a while, but I took him from the porch to my office, because I felt like he didn't adapt well to the changes in temperature.  He'd be doing fine one day, then if it got stupid hot the next day, he'd have issues.  Shrinkage and wilting issues. 


So you can see where he had some problems, but we're working through it.  Probably some of him will look a bit leggy for a while until I can get him used to a constant temperature.  He'll probably have to stay inside from now on. Several of those new flowers started blooming up after I brought him to my office.  And he keeps getting more and more popping up, and there's plenty of new growth, so... so far, so good.  I'll keep pruning and getting rid of the dead stuff as we go and adjust.

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But.  DJB isn't really the one with the issue.

attachment-20230825_090237 (1)

This is Namjun.  Junie for short. She is my newish Bonzai Tree.

However, she's been losing leaves like NOBODY's business lately.  Like, every day I'd walk into my office and there would be a few more of her leaves on the floor.  I know trees lose their leaves in the fall, and yes, Junie is a tree, but... is that normal?  I tried to look up some stuff on Bonzai Trees, but it seems like every tree is different, and I can't really pin point the kind of tree I have.

I've backed off of watering a bit and bought a little grow light for her, but... Sedalia green thumbers, what else can I do?  How can I help my poor little tree?  What should I look for?  I just wish I could speak to Junie and she could tell me what she wants, you know?

Pleadingly yours,

Behka (and Junie)

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