So today was unusual, because I had a decided lack of "important" things to do. 

Well, don't get me wrong, I still have stuff to do. But the most important things, the most time consuming things, namely the Police Reports and the Pettis County Sheriff's Reports, I couldn't do.   Because we didn't have any.  Not that I don't think people didn't get in trouble, but that's just the way it is sometimes.  You can't report on news if...there isn't any news.  Or if that news isn't ready for the PCSO or SPD to share with us so that I can write it up and share it with you. That may be a blog post for another day.

So I decided to find something to do.  Randy needed me to help him with his keyboard.  Done.  Did some editing on a project that's not due for a while.  Did a little research about another post idea I've got (I'm gonna come up with a list of popular things to give kids instead of candy for Trick or Treating this year.  Not that I'm going to say DON'T give kids candy, but you know. Just a few ideas).

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So then I turned and looked at my office. I did a little dusting, a little trash cleanup.  I guess you could call my job an office job.  Working in an office means you're on a computer.  I've been at my computer in here for about two hours. That's just how modern day work... works. I know I can't REALLY do my job properly without a computer.

Which is what makes me feel a little gross about what I just learned. I've seen PLENTY of reports on how innocent things you touch every day are filthy and germ-infested.  And here's another one, to keep you on your toes.

According to a study by a company called Initial Washroom Hygiene, the average computer mouse is THREE TIMES FILTHIER than a toilet seat. They also found the average keyboard, office chair, desk, phone, and elevator button are more germ-covered than a toilet too. Four out of 10 desks had at least one item with extremely high levels of bacteria. The germs can include things like staph and E. coli . . .um.. gross.

I guess, on a slow day like today, I'll have to wipe down everything.  And hope for no staph.  Whatever that is.  It doesn't sound good, either way.

Cleanly yours,

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