I've seen a lot of shows about crime, trials, and all that kind of stuff.  But I've never been... involved. Well, I was a witness once.  But that was maybe ten minutes, one time.  I can't imagine that the real thing is anything like TV or the movies. It's Sedalia, after all.  I mean, it's not like there's gonna be a big "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" moment.

But my mind wanders to these kind of things.  'Cause it's all I know.  I've never been anywhere close to being involved in the juror process.  And this isn't even a summons, it's a notice that I MIGHT get a summons.  So of course my mind imagines being sequestered for months like the OJ trial, or being in a big high profile court case like Claus von Bülow, but COME ON.  It's Sedalia, for crying out loud.

IF I get called, it's probably going to be something like, I don't know, incredibly boring. I bet it'll be something like watching paint dry.  I can tell you though, that my love of law procedurals will make sure I do my best. I would hate to be that person on Law and Order that messes up the whole thing and sends Sam Waterston into fits of anger.

Either way, I think I'm a little nervous, but mostly kind of... curious.  I wonder what it'll be like, I wonder who will be serving with me.  I wonder what everything will be like from the sweet twenty dollars I make to the squeak of the chairs in the jury box. Will we debate?  Will there be a 12 Angry Men moment!? I would be so awkward if that happened.  I'd probably turn white and hide under a table or something ridiculous like that.

Have you ever served jury duty?  Did you find it exciting, or boring? I know you can't tell me too much, but whatever you feel comfortable with!

Juroringly yours,

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