Okay, this is another one of those "weird internet finds" I stumble upon every now and then.  But trust me, it's a good one. 

Have you ever wondered what happens when you cry in space?  Me neither, it has literally never crossed my mind.  Well, turns out there's an answer to the question you never knew you had. A Canadian astronaut on the International Space Station posted a video where he simulates it by pouring a little bit of water into his eye.

Obviously there's no gravity, so the tears don't stream down his face.  Instead, they stick to his cheek and form a big ball of water next to his eye.

This was actually a few years ago, he and the team have been making informational videos for kids for ages.  They tell them all about what it's like listening to music in space, physical activity in space, bubbles forming in water in space, you name it, they've covered it.

Hey, this might be a cool thing for your kids to explore when they're stuck at home! I know I'll probably watch a few more of these, and I'm just a mental child. I don't think I'll ever get the chance to go to space, so this is probably the closest I'll get anyway.

What did you think about his video? Did it give you a little cringe moment like it did me? What's something you never thought about, then one day you had to know everything about it?

Tearfully yours,


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