I chose not to have children, so I can't really know just all the trials and tribulations that parents go through. Particularly young parents, working and trying to make ends meet. It must be so hard to have a little baby and need help, feeling like you have nowhere else to turn.  Well, that's why I wanted to let you know that there IS help available out there if you have a youngster under the age of three.  It's Early Head Start!

What is Early Head Start? Early Head Start offers services and support to pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers.  Families can qualify based on income and other risk factors.  They can offer all kinds of different services.  Stuff like information regarding pregnancy and child development (like, is this normal, should I be concerned about this, etc), high quality child care services throughout Sedalia (they work worth several different day cares and in home care services), and a Home Visiting Program- Parents as Teachers curriculum.  They also will do regular screenings of your child’s development, to see if they're on track to start preschool or Kindergarten. They can help with different programs and services for  training, education, income, housing, transportation and health care.

And the thing is, it's not super hard to qualify.  They have openings.  I think a lot of people may have heard about it, but thought they didn't qualify or that there weren't any openings.  They've actually had a lot of kids age out to go start with Head Start, and with the pandemic they've gotten more funding, so they can help more families who didn't qualify before. So why not check it out?

Call today to find out if you qualify! A simple phone call could really change the lives of your little ones.   Call the Children’s Therapy Center at  660-620-0806 (or you can text as well) or stop by 4515 West Main Street. Or, you can also join in their  Virtual Enrollment Event.  That'll be on January 22, from 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m, on Zoom.  So you can go to  www.zoom.com, select Join a meeting, and enter Meeting id: 937 3760 5612.

Zoomingly yours,

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