For some reason, this year I'm really stoked about Christmas coming. But the thing is, this year is not really that different than it was last year. And last year, we were doing a lot more elaborate type of 'do. I ordered pizzas, we played games, it was a huge deal.  This year, we're not even really doing a meal. We're doing a sort of appetizer/snacky thing. You know what I mean, meats and cheeses and crackers and little nibbles like that.

Maybe it's because I think I really nailed the gift giving part this year. I got some presents that were funny, some that are useful, some that are, in my humble opinion, SUPER THOUGHTFUL.

I've got Husbando, the two girls, my sister, her husband, her two kids, my dad, and Husbando's mom and her husband on the Gift List.  And somehow this year I've gotten everyone at least one "star gift". You know, a gift that really hits in the core of who they are or what they like, and I'm 99% sure they will like it. Maybe that's why this year is different than last, because while I was excited for that one, this one is about five times worse. I find myself actively wishing the week to fast forward to our party day (Saturday).  There are a few little things I still have to get, but the majority of it is done.

Part of it might be a gift that's for me. Husbando ordered... SOMETHING and I just can't tell what it is. It's a square shape but it's not in a box or anything. I can feel edges and something round in the middle, but I can't discern what the heck is under the paper. Not even a foggiest of clues.

Another part of it might be because I know I'm not going to be spending a whole lot of time cooking, since the snacky lunch just requires putting stuff on plates. I might do one baked treat, but that's about it.

So there you have it, I'm super excited and I'm not sure what exactly it was that put me over the edge, but I'm there. I'm not even dangling on the edge, I'm full on plummeting off the cliff. I can't wait to see everyone's faces on Saturday. I'm looking forward to so much of it, and it's not just the gifts. It's spending time with them, seeing them enjoy each other's company. But a part of it is the gifts, I guess. I don't care about getting stuff, but I do like the look on people's faces when they get a good gift. Seeing someone realize how much thought you put into their happiness is always nice.

What are your plans for the Holiday Weekend?

Christmassly yours,

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