Over the last year or so, I've kinda taken the lead when it comes to fixing dinner.

I'm also the main list maker when it comes to going out to the grocery store. I know what we've got in the freezer, in the fridge, in the cabinets, and in the pantry. Husbando could stare at the freezer for five minutes and find two things, whereas I know about the fries that are behind the bag of chicken breasts, and the sleeve of Thin Mints that's next to the package of strawberries.

Lately I've been getting in the habit of just stopping at the store on the way home and picking up something to whip up that night. So, as a consequence, I'm running out of room in the dang thing because I'm not USING what's in there already, I'm just adding things. So I've been trying to force myself to just use the stuff, already. That means we're eating chicken patties out of the oven, we're microwaving burritos, and I'm trying my best to make a chub of ground turkey interesting.

The problem is, Husbando is not a huge fan of my mission. We have a package of frozen corn on the cob, but nothing to pair it with.  We have a box of fish fillets, but he's not in the mood for fish. And the appetizers, oh good lord, the appetizers. We have a box of cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, a box of pork dumplings, half a box of toasted ravioli, and none of it seems to be appropriate to put in his face.

I know it's kind of my fault, I'm the one who keeps buying stuff. But we just need to eat what we've got, and I'm kind of struggling with it. I make something, and he eats it alright, but will he touch the leftovers? Not on your life. He will take a bowl of salsa and chips or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch over the left over half steak in the fridge.

So, cooks of Sedalia, what can I do? Do we just power through it and hope he doesn't die of pouting? Do I have to clear the freezer out and just start over? I don't want to waste all that food, that's wasteful. Do you have any tips to make stuff from the freezer more exciting?

Leftoverly yours,

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