Guys, today I'm going to give my unsolicited opinion yet again. This time, it's going to be a possibly recurring series called Use it Or Lose it.

As in, "Is this good? Should I use it? Or is it lame, and I should lose it?"

Today's discussion will be about the numerous Pioneer Woman products I have in my home.  You may not know who that is, but basically she has a show on Food Network that is filmed from her extremely rich family's cattle ranch in Oklahoma. And now she's... Martha Stewart'd herself, to coin a phrase.  She has a huge line of products everywhere, but mostly at Wal Mart.

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A number of years ago, Food Network was a big "leave it on in the background" sort of style of programming.  I found a few programs I liked (mostly Saturday morning shows).  One of them was the Pioneer Woman show, and over the years I've bought some of her stuff, some of it was gifted to me by kind friends and family.  So, let's go over what I've got, how I use it, and if you should Use It, or Lose It.

Use It Or Lose It: PW Edition

Favorites:  The Sheets, Dutch Oven, Fish Spatula, Ramekins.

Least favorites: Stew Pot, The Novel,  and the warped cookware.

Overall, I think just like any other product line, you have to see if it's your style and if it's something you're genuinely going to use.  Overall, I love her preferred style of blues and usage of flowers.  The quality of the products varies greatly, however.  The only thing I wouldn't recommend you buying is the cookware set. I mean, it works, don't get me wrong.  It's functional, but the warping of almost every piece makes me think it's just not great quality.  But the ceramic and cast iron stuff she has is great. So maybe just temper that with your own experience and preferences.

Overall, I'd say, Use It.  But make sure you can hold it and feel the quality before you use your money.

Pioneeringly yours,

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