I mean, I don't do a lot of actual handwriting anymore. 

I remember when I first started using computers, in High School.  I took a class in typing, and it was the only class I ever failed.  I was so bad at it.  They did everything they could to make me learn, but it just didn't work.  They didn't want you to look at your keyboard when you're typing, so they'd put a piece of paper over your hands so you couldn't see.

I guess over the years, I got better. I type pretty well now.  But at the time, I thought, "Oh, I'm NEVER going to give up my paper and pencil."

Ha. Thanks for the laugh, 1994 me.

Now, I type everything. Most of the stuff I do at work involves a computer, and a lot of the stuff I do at home is also around a computer or device. Heck, half my job these days seems to be this blogging thing, and that's a lot of typing.  I do a lot of online bill paying, and so I don't write that many checks... what do I actually WRITE these days?

Grocery lists.  That's about it.  Husbando gives me grief (and he has NO ROOM TO TALK) about my terrible handwriting in notes and lists all the time.  I guess I'm not writing enough?  I noticed not too long ago that I was trying to write about a paragraph or so in a card, and my hand started to hurt.

What is happening?!

So anyway, here's my handwriting, you be the judge.


Do you still do a lot of pen and paper writing?  Have you completely switched to digital? What do you think about all this?

Handwritingly yours,

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