I've had some changes to what I do at work here over the past year, and I've found that I've had to completely rehaul the way I do my work.  It got me thinking about how everybody else gets stuff done. I'm a little bit OCD about work.  For some reason, I need my things to be pretty strictly compartmentalized so that I can be sure I get everything done. I'm sure some of it could be blamed on the fact that I have MS and so I double check myself constantly so as not to forget anything.

But I've got a routine. You know, getting things ready to talk about with you, getting reports typed up, getting things recorded. It has a pattern, it's the same thing every day, just a little varied.

I've got a planner book type thing with papers upon papers and notes upon notes so that I remember what I'm doing, what I've done, and what I've got to do.   It occurred to me that it looks like it's a little cluttered, but to me, it's not. I can find everything I need exactly when I need it, and that's important to me.

I have a  ton of post it notes all over my desk, too.  Usually they're reminders of stuff I need to do, or stuff I need to get, or ideas I had to write something.  And again, those may look a little disorganized, but I swear, it's totally not!

I'm not as strict about it at home, because Husbando is a bit of a clutter guy.  I try to give him ways to contain it, you know? I took an old, basically decorative bowl and put it in the middle of the coffee table so he could throw stuff into that and not just string it all over the place.  But his desk?  Nothing but clutter.  Mine is more like... a small series of piles. Of stuff.

So it got me to thinking: what about you guys?  Do you feel like you're organized when it comes to your work routine?

Organizationally yours,


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