I know this might seem like an easy answer, but it keeps happening, so maybe I'm wrong.

You know the intersection at West 16th Street and South Grand. Where the locksmith is, the sign guy is, and the Casey's.  There's usually a lot of traffic in that area, since it's near the school and everything.  And even when school's not in session, there can be a lot of traffic along that area.

Well, I was driving there the other day, minding my own business, waiting my turn like everyone else. I had my turn signal on to go left.  I get up to the stop sign and just as I'm stopped to allow the car opposite me to go forward, a truck pulls up to my right and turns south onto Grand.

It kinda freaked me out, to be honest. It startled me, just a little. Nothing dangerous, but still. I never thought there was a turn lane there, it's just a wide enough street to allow two smaller vehicles on that side to go.  I know nobody ever parks on that bit of street right next to the locksmith, but people park sometimes in front of the Coke outlet next to it. So there is room, but....

I mean, just because you can fit there, does it mean you should? I didn't see any paint on the street to indicate three lanes there. And I hardly ever see anybody do that on the other points of the intersection.  So what's the deal? Is that legal?  Or is it just someone being impatient? I would think that visibility can't be ideal there.

I personally think it's a jerk move. It's a "I'm more important than you and I have to get somewhere so I'm not gonna wait my turn" move. It's like pulling into the Walgreens on Limit and driving through the parking lot just so you can get past the intersection a little quicker. It's like those dudes who treat the left lane on Broadway like the fast lane on the highway at zero dark thirty when there's nobody on the road. Pulling up right behind you and making a big show of moving to the right lane and then back to the the left just as they pass you.

What do you think? Is it okay to pull up to the right and turn in that intersection, or another intersection in town?  Is it a jerk move, or just efficient?

Drivingly yours,


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