I love animals. You love animals. Now there's a way for you to spend more time with adorable, furry, loving animals. So as you probably know, the Sedalia Animal Shelter has a lot of great pets up for adoption. They've got a crack staff and super volunteers.  So what happens when it's a bank holiday, and the Shelter isn't open?

No, the animals don't just sit there, unfed and unwalked. A small amount of staff go in to take care of their needs, and the Howl A Day volunteer squad comes in as well. What's the Howl A Day Squad? I thought you'd never ask.  These people are volunteers who come in on national holidays to make sure the animals get a little extra love.

There's obviously benefits to coming in and walking a dog or playing with a cat. The emotional benefit alone is amazing - but you get prizes, too!

Total Volunteer Hours/Thank You Gift
50 hours - Lanyard
150 hours - T-shirt
250 hours  - Water bottle
350 hours - Pet adoption credit -r Gift basket

"Howl-a-day" Helpers get double hours! So just think, going in on a holiday for a couple of hours can not only brighten your life, it'll help an animal, and you'll get free stuff! That's a win win win, in my book.

If you want more information you can always call (660) 826-5816.

Voluntarily yours,

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