Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed legislation that forces Missouri Schools to start later next year. This according to a report from KCTV.

It's a little confusing but bear with me. This year Missouri law prohibits schools starting no sooner than 10 days before the first Monday in September. Next year, the law the Governor signed, prohibits schools from starting 14 days before the first Monday in September.

If you're following the letter of the law, schools really can't open before August 26th this year, and next year they won't be able to open before August 24th. It really doesn't seem like much of a change does it? Well here's where the law really impacts school districts. This year schools are allowed to start earlier as long as school boards gave notice, held a public meeting, and then voted to start earlier. Next year schools in Missouri don't have that option.

Governor Parsons signed the bill in hopes that forcing districts to give kids another week off in August will help the state's tourism industry. (A lot of districts took advantage of the loop hole and are starting earlier than 10 days before the first Monday in September.)

I don't have kids, but it does seem that school starts earlier and earlier every year. During my grade school years we never started before Labor Day. These days it seems kids can be back in school as early as August 12.

I'm all for education, but I do remember several end of summer family vacations as a child. A couple to Kansas City to be exact, that probably wouldn't have happend if my parents were teaching and I was back in school in Mid August.

I think that extra week off in August might be what the doctor ordered as far as helping Missouri tourism. Here in Sedalia the state fair doesn't end until August 18. Not to mention hitting the Lake of the Ozarks or exploring Route 66 seem tailor made for that last summer family gettaway. As does a weekend in Kansas City or St. Louis.

Besides, I don't know about you, but I can do without back to school sales before July 4th.

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