Missourians will start receiving a monthly tax credit today of up to $300 per child, or $3,600 per year, as part of the American Rescue Plan.

Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, and no thanks to Republicans in Congress or Missouri who unanimously opposed the relief plan, this tax credit will provide additional relief to the families of 1,262,000 children in Missouri, helping lift 73,000 of those children out of poverty.

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Michael Butler released the following statement highlighting this much needed relief:

“The Child Tax Credit is a huge win for working families across Missouri. These monthly credits can help cover expenses like childcare and preparing for back to school. COVID-19 exasperated issues with the country’s childcare system and working parents have been hit especially hard.

"Over 1.2 million Missouri families will get this aid – that is incredible. 73,000 of our children, the future of Missouri, will be lifted out of poverty because of this Child Tax Credit. This is proof that President Biden and Democrats are delivering relief and hope to Missouri families.”

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