I mean, I get it, you're a cat, but dang. This past weekend it snowed and snowed and snowed.  Not as bad as last time, but it still wrecked the plans we had this weekend.  So, we ended up staying in instead of going to the super cool museum with the girls.  And that's fine, I mean, I'm pretty lazy so it's okay with me to do nothing over the weekend.

But this weekend, man. It was an issue, how clingy my dang cat was! Normally she does like to sit with me, and most days she has to have at least some time of sitting ON me, but this weekend was excessive.  I swear, this cat was obsessed with me.  It wasn't like she was cold - they never go outside and we have the heat on.  We have good windows that keep out the draft.

There was just something about her this weekend that made it unacceptable to be anywhere I wasn't. Usually, if I get up to go to the kitchen for a drink or something, she can stay on the couch and wait til I get back.  Not this weekend.  She had to follow me everywhere I went, and watch me at all times.  Even if I just got up to throw away a tissue, there she was.  And when I got back on the couch, she would again try to make her way up my chest, to put her claws on my neck, and try to lick my face.

I haven't changed anything, I don't smell different or look different.  I don't know what happened in her little kitty mind this weekend, but she was just all over me.  At one point I was trying to get some work done on my laptop, and I had to actually spray her with the water bottle to get her off of  me so I could work.

I know that's what they're kind of meant to do, they're domesticated animals, they love human companionship.  But you don't have to make out with me, cat! We don't have that kind of relationship. You don't have to lick me all the time!  I take showers, I don't need cleaning! And don't worry, I'm sure you have me marked plenty by all the cat hair you get on my clothes and couch.  So please, chill.

I guess I should be grateful she loves me.  I'm her favorite human, I guess.  And it's not like she'll be around forever.  I probably should chill myself, huh.

Do your pets get extra clingy sometimes? What do you think causes it? Does your pet have any little needs that you think are cute? Tell me all about em!

Clingly yours,


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