Tomorrow is National Bagel Day, because... why not.  We have national everything these days, right? But this one might be something I can get behind celebrating.  Growing up, as a kid I really wanted to go to a big city.  It was a recurring thing, me telling my parents I was going to move to New York City someday.  I would watch movies set in New York, I would drink things like seltzer because it was supposed to be a New York thing.  I'm not sure where it came from or what inspired me to want to go there, I just always did.

One thing I always wanted that I saw all the time in my "New York Fantasy" if you will, were bagels.  And it just seemed like there were never any that I could find as a kid.  But then, they were probably there all along and my parents just didn't buy them because they didn't care about bagels. Why do that when you can just make toast?

So when I got older, and ended up doing my own grocery shopping, I was amazed to find bagels everywhere! All kinds of bagels!  Sweet bagels, fruity bagels, savory bagels! And so many cream cheeses to go with them! I had a weird phase where I would try different kinds of bagels and cream cheese spreads.  I mean, sometimes you find something you like that you didn't know you liked, and go overboard, right?  Or is that just me.  It might be.

And later, I actually went to New York for a vacation for a week.  My friend and I had a little, I guess you'd call it apartment that we rented for a week.  And right down the street was a little diner that we both liked.  Every morning he'd order his crazy omelette with everything in it, and I would order an everything bagel with lox. Lox is basically a smoked salmon, it's kind of hard to describe it but it's great.  If you really get a good bagel breakfast it comes with all sorts of stuff, like onions and capers and lox for you to put on as you like.  This was heaven for me.  I like a savory breakfast.

Still today, if I'm buying bagels, it's the everything.  I've even found salmon flavored cream cheese. It's not quite the same, but it's pretty good.

So, yes, let's celebrate National Bagel Day! Bagel me up!

Loxily yours,


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