We have Netflix, Hulu, and I think even Amazon Prime accounts. But do I use them? Rarely. Honestly I've been just goofing off on YouTube for entertainment recently.  Husbando watches more "TV" TV than I do.  But there was a time when I was on the Nettyflixes. I must be going through a phase or something.  But anyway, you guys talk about great shows on Netflix, and I put them in the queue, sure.  But there they sit.  So, here are the shows I should be watching, but I'm not.

1.  Stranger Things

2.  Black Mirror

3.  Glow

4.  Making a Murderer (I KNOW.  It's shocking that I'm not watching it)

5.  Ozark

6.  The Crown

And don't even start with the Netflix movies.  I have seen approximately zero percent of them.  And it's not like they don't look good! I'm sure they are.  I'm sure I would like all of those shows, too. I just... don't watch them.  Husbando watches his shows on the DVR, and lately mine have just been sitting there.  One day, I'll catch up on everything. Or I'll just cancel my Netflix account, I guess.

What are some of your favorite Netflix shows? Do you have any that you "should" be watching but aren't, like me?

Netflixingly yours,

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