I'm on a mission this month to find some Christmas songs that you haven't heard  ten thousand times while you're out holiday shopping this year. And boy oh boy, did I find one today.

Yes, behold the joy that is "Jingle Cats". The songs are made buy a guy named Mike Spalla who mixes actual animal sounds to match tones of the songs. He started with a version of "Jingle Bells" that was released to radio stations a few years before the full album came out. In all, it took more than 1,000 meows, screeches and growls to assemble 20 melodies.  He's put out four albums of this. Where have I been? They've been making some kitty awesomeness since 2003! They even snuck some puppers in there for good measure.

Well, that one is definitely..........original. I wonder if I could somehow get my kitties to sing like that.  That's probably a Christmas Miracle for another year.

Meowingly yours,


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