Well, the Christmas music season has definitely begun. And sure, it's that time of year, and with only a couple of weeks left to the big day, it's inevitable.  But don't you think that you hear the same, maybe ten songs all the time?  "Frosty the Snowman", "Jingle Bell Rock", "White Christmas", "Jingle Bells", "All I Want for Christmas Is You",..... sure.  They're great songs. And they're good in small doses.  But don't you wanna hear something a little different this Christmas season?

Sure you do.  That's what I'm bringing you today with a Christmas song that's a little off the beaten path.  You know, something you probably won't hear at the grocery store.  Don't get me wrong though, the songs I pick aren't like, dirty or wrong or anything.  They're just...a little off kilter.

This edition of Off Kilter Christmas songs will go to Stray Kids!

I know a lot of you are going to go, "Huh? What?".  Here's the deal. You know I like the K-Pop thing, and yes, they do Christmas songs, too! This one is by a group that I've liked for a while called Stray Kids. They were originally nine members, now they're eight. Two of them were actually raised in Australia, fun fact.  I remember the first time I heard Felix speak and he had that accent, I admit I did a double take.  ANYWAY.

They've done a Christmas song and it's catchy as all get out.  And it's actually tongue in cheek.  If you turn on the closed captions, you'll see the translated lyrics. They spend the entire song complaining about the weather, about how the snow is only pretty for a minute or two, how the only calls they get are spam calls.... it's all just tongue in cheek complaining.

Look how fast the selfish cars made it turn black
It's even hard to walk in, it's not a snowfield, it's a mud flat
My pants are wet to the knee
After walking for a bit, I topple over
I used to wish it would be special on this special day
But not anymore, I only hope nothing ever happens

In the video, they're helping out Santa by doing his deliveries, and again, it's not meant to be taken seriously. They're a group of goofballs that have a lot of fun with their videos.  You might enjoy this one!

Off Kilteringly yours,

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