I figured every couple had pet names for each other!  Husbando has been set with his for years. If I'd known it was this rare, I'd probably stop insisting on being called "Her Majesty of Eternal Humor, Beauty, and Grace."  That, or "babe."   Husbando has a few others, like Skippy Pookieface.  I guess I just thought everybody did that? I've done with old boyfriends, too.  Voldemort, Tacky, The Costa Rican, The Mayor, you get it.


I've got the results here from a new survey on PET NAMES . . . here are the five highlights . . .

1.  Only 55% of people have a pet name for their significant other.


2.   Two-thirds of people who use pet names sometimes use it in public or in front of family and friends.


3.  Some of the most common pet names people use are:  Honey or hon . . . babe or baby . . . sweetheart or sweetie . . . and sexy.


4.  When men are talking to other people, 15% refer to their wife as "the boss" . . . 14% call her "my better half" . . . and 3% call her the "ball and chain."


5.  When women are talking to other people, 20% refer to their husband as "hubby."


Do you have a little pet name for your significant other? What is it? Do they like it?

Nicknamingly yours,




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