GUYS.  Who knew some Missouri limestones could be the center of a seemingly  never-ending drama between neighbors? 

Well. Me.  But also, not me.  I mentioned before about how a Kansas City attorney on TikTok, Andrew, was having some drama with his absolutely insane neighbor. At first, it just seemed like some silly nonsense about landscaping rocks. But then it escalated, and quickly. This neighbor was somehow making the craziest claims about some rocks in Andrew's yard, actually committing property damage and vandalism, and attempting to intimidate him.

Our boy was undeterred. Even after he got a restraining order against the neighbor, it still wasn't over. No, the neighbor decided to SUE. He sued. An ATTORNEY. Over rocks. Yep. That happened.

And now you might be thinking, "Surely it has petered out by now. I mean, the neighbor's family has to be reigning him in by now, right?" WRONG. It has indeed come to a very satisfying, very looney, and very shaved end.

I say that because Andrew shaved his facial hair. He has regrets about that in the comments. But the rest of it pretty much went like you'd expect a crazy person facing the judicial system to go.


I mean, we always knew Andrew would come out on top on this one.  I don't feel bad for the neighbor, though. At any time, he could have walked this back.  And where is his wife? His family? Friends?  Did he not think about consequences of his actions?  Especially if he does have kids, four of them as he contents... wouldn't you want to keep their lives disrupted?  Guess not.  I guess you can't fix crazy.

I actually wonder if he really is crazy, since he straight up told the judge he HOPES she puts him in contempt.

As far as I can tell from the comments, Andrew is safe and has good security now.  Yeah, he's looking for a different house to buy, but we know that can be hard to find in KC's real estate market.   Let's hope the neighbor finally has learned his lesson, huh?

What would you do if you were Andrew? Have you ever had to deal with a neighbor that just didn't make any sense to you?  Do you have any of those rocks?  Are they really something worth going to jail for?

Rockingly yours,

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