So back last year, I told you about a guy I follow on TikTok named Andrew. Andrew's a lawyer, he lives in Kansas City, he's a Chiefs fan, and is a generally funny guy with amazingly white teeth. Anyway.  He had some crazy drama with his very probably unstable next door neighbor which resulted in a lot of unnecessary time in court. I told you about it here.

Now you'd think that going to court and being granted a restraining order for a year would have ended this story between Andrew and his crazy neighbor, right?
Oh, gentle reader.  You  must not have ever met anyone actually crazy in your life.  Crazy don't stop til it's got nowhere else to go.  It took about a week after the holidays...but it came back.

I understand how Andrew describes himself as "Jack's Complete Lack of Stress." I mean, come ON, neighbor dude.  Three grand for ROCKS?  And not even good rocks?   And.... did the neighbor just gloss over the fact that Andrew is a LAWYER? This kind of stuff is what pays his bills,  my guy!

Well.  Andrew couldn't leave us hanging.  So... yeah.  More craziness.

Johnny Rockran. Thoroughgood Marble. Abraham Limestone. Again, my dude.... ANDREW IS A LAWYER. So of course when he'd had enough, he sued him back. I have no idea what this neighbor expects to happen! What, is the judge just going to rule in the favor of insanity? Some paranoid dude with no evidence who has ADMITTED to trying to intimidate his neighbor with a gun?

*Shakes My Head Slowly*.

I don't think I'll ask about it in the comments, but you know I'll be checking for updates in a couple of weeks. Either way.... I think it's time for our boy Andrew to move.

What would you do if you were Andrew? How have you dealt with unreasonable people in the past?

Rockily yours,

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