We're the type of family that if we have something, it's probably not just the one. Husbando has like, seventeen thousand hats, about a dozen hoodies, more miniature figures than you can shake a stick at.  And lately, it seems like we've been acquiring more things - blankets.

These latest two though, have been a gift from my lovely father.


My dad is the kind of guy who can never just buy himself something, if he's buying something, he's probably getting another one to give to someone else. He's just generous like that.  Too bad you can't really see it that well, but I'm not a photographer.  But you get it.  A nice inspirational one, and then a Beatles one.  And it seemed like perfect timing since it just got chilly!

The girls permanently live snuggled up in blankets (even in the summer) so these will be nice additions to our blanket/quilt addiction. I think we only have, like... fifteen in the little bin by the couch.  BRING IT ON.

Blanketly yours,


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