Have you ordered bread from Panera Bread's online site? If so, your personal information may have been stolen.

You would think that after you found out that your online site may have been hacked, you would do something about it. Well, not the folks at Panera Bread.

According to an article on thepennyhoarder.com, a security report revealed that information was leaked for the past months. So if you signed up for an online account with the company, your personal information was revealed in plain text on the Panera Bread website.

According to the report Panera knew about the leak back in August of 2017 but didn't take action as it was dismissed as a scam.

Their website was shutdown to make sure the problem was corrected but only after as many as 37 million consumers reportedly were affected.

Investigations are ongoing by the company, and they said no credit card informaton was retrieved by the leak.

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