This article is compiled from reports issued by the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.

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Pettis County Deputies were dispatched to the Four Seasons Living Center, 2800 Highway TT in Pettis County on Wednesday night. When Deputies arrived, they made contact with the reporting party and staff for the facility. One of the staff identified a resident as the victim, and stated he had been assaulted by three other residents of the facility. She also stated she had video of the assault. Deputies watched the video while they were at the facility. In the video, the victim was in a smaller common area of the facility. As he was standing near a table, he pushed a plant from a pot off the table and onto the ground. This is when Adam Fisher, 30, of the facility, entered the video. Fisher, who was wearing a red #23 jersey, walked up to the victim and kicked him in the groin. The victim fell to the ground, and against a wall. Fischer then walked up to the victim while he was laying on the floor and kicked him in the right side. Fisher then stepped on the right side of his face/head. Fischer then walked away and out of camera range. Then, a male identified as Aurellio Rodriguez, age unspecified in the report*, walked towards the victim. Rodriquez then kicked the victim in the head as he was still laying on the floor. Rodriquez then walked away. A third male, Franklin Evans III, age unspecified in the report*, walked toward the victim and kicked him in the buttocks. Evans then walked away and out of camera view. The victim was then transported by medics to the BRHC for his injuries (before the arrival of Deputies). Deputies made contact with Fisher, Evans, and Rodriguez, and all three were arrested for Domestic Assault. All three men were transported to the Pettis County Jail, and were placed on a 24-hour hold.


*At news time, there were no charges filed yet in Casenet against the three suspects in this incident. Ages of any of the suspects were not included in the report. A message was left with Major Tollie Rowe at the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office for clarification.


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