It took me a long time to accept that I'm a "lil 'diffurnt" as my Grandmother would say. A lot of the expectations people had of me I either deliberately did not meet (marrying young, having children) or unconsciously avoided (a "normal" job, deferring to "The Man Of The House").

I kinda knew it even as a kid, really.  It took me a while to just embrace it and go with it.  I was hanging out with mean girls (who claimed to be church goers, which is strange to think about now) and one day I was just sitting at the table at good old Smith Cotton and thought to myself, "Why am I sitting here? Why do I come here every day and have these girls ignore or snip at me? I want to go sit with those kids over there.  They seem cool."

Turns out, I found the drama kids.  And since then, my weirdness has been a thing people kind of like about me. I guess it brings out my sense of humor? And having a healthy sense of humor is definitely a must for a gig like mine.

So over the years, I had boyfriends, sure.  Some of them embraced said weirdness, some of them didn't.  In walks Husbando.  He is the living embodiment of nerdiness and weirdness, just a different type than mine.  Every day, I'll say something about whatever, like maybe the TV show he's watching, and he'll say something like, "You've never heard of that? You're so weird."

And I do the same to him, of course, because he's weird.  He literally hits other people with sticks for fun. And I have my stuff, too. Over the years I've always had little customized ringtones and notification sounds for my phone. For the longest time I had a little noise Jorma Taccone  made (of the Lonely Island comedy group) as my "hey you got a text" noise.  I put the "Afro Circus" song from one of the Madagascar movies as my ringtone for a while.

I've recently changed my "hey you got an email noise" and Husbando cannot get over how weird he thinks it is.  It's this.

Yes, I know.  But it's cute and I like it!  Why does he make those noises? Just because he can, dangit, and I embrace J-Hope's weirdness as I embrace my own. Husbando just rolls his eyes and me and continues.

What are some things you or  your significant other think is a little weird? Do you have little inside jokes that other people just won't get?

Weirdly yours,

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