I was thinking about the little scar I have on the back of my left hand the other day.I got it from some stupid argument that I don't even remember when I was a kid. All I remember is my sister and I were fighting, so I was probably about eight or nine years old.  She had a hot toaster pastry and threw it at me, and it landed on my hand frosting side down and burned me.  And of course, being a kid, it was something I picked at too much, and now I have a little scar on my hand from it. So I thought to myself, I bet other people have stories behind their scars, too!  So I went to social media and just asked ya'll, and you came through with some amazing, some funny, and some sad stories.

Vicky C
Way back when, (lol) me and some friends were roller skating at a tennis court..One friend was throwing Chinese stars at the back board, tripped and hit me right in the thigh...

I can see this happening maybe in the seventies, because when I was a kid in the eighties, stuff like that was starting to go away. Safety!

Christe J
My sister threw a baton at me and it stuck into the top of my head.

Now I've seen a baton, that was used for twirling, and it had little plastic bits at the end, so this must have been something really crazy!

Heather L
My brother stabbed me. Not on purpose but the rest of the story makes it sound lame.

She's right, it was an accident (she explained in the comments) but it's funnier to say it like that.

Yvette N
I was just learning to walk and grabbed a tray with hot coffee on it at a KMart restaurant, the hot coffee went down the sleeve of my winter coat. They took my coat off and my skin on my arm and hand went too. My right hand has carried a scar ever since that gets really dark in the summertime.

See, now this is why we have laws about this sort of thing.  People were getting hurt!  I do remember eating in a Venture restaurant, but not a KMart restaurant.

Wendi B
I got rear-ended with a grocery cart. That bar that the kids stand on chipped a bone. That chip sliced at my Achilles for 7 years it finally decided it was done and I had surgery to repair. That didn't work so I had a second surgery to do a transplant. That worked. Now I have a zipper scar up the back of my ankle.

Kids, what are ya gonna do.  We did stupid stuff.

Kirk D
My sister threw a turkey knife at me and it stuck in my back...I remember like it was yesterday arguing about the dishes and I called her b**** I ran and she grabbed a knife and threw it in my back LOL I was 12 she was 13. I'm 55 now LOL at least I made it this far

Again, wow. I'm glad my family didn't have whatever a turkey knife is.

Karen S
Way back when, having an older brother that likes to teased. Had a hold of my left hand while in his other hand he had an iron in which my mother had just got done ironing. He threatened to burn me. Well I wasn't going to just stand there. The flight or fight kicked in. In which some how I was trying to get loose from his grip. Then my left hand met the hot iron.

It seems like a lot of these stories revolve around siblings....

Steve K
When I was 11, I accidentally fell into a burn pit and got hot rubber on my foot.

Well, at least it was an accident, unlike some of these other stories.

Kimmie C
My cousin Stephen hit me in the head with a baseball bat 😂

Turns out, she had pretty good responsible adults around, though.

Catherine C
My first actual face piercing was because I fell off of my bike going pretty fast down a dirt road, tumbled down a ditch and had a corn stalk impale my chin.
One scar going up and down, under my chin is going left to right.  NO STITCHES. & HID IT FROM MY MOM UNTIL PICTURE DAY.

Now that's the key, hiding it from Mom.

Cindy P
My sister stuck a can opener in the corner of my eye😳

Just like, poked her in the eye with it?  That's... creative.

Lynne B
My brother snapped a pop bottle cap and cut my nose!

Again, an accident, but has to be a great story.

Lendell H
When I was around 2 I was trying to get two cords unplugged from each other. Couldn't pull them apart with my hands so I bit into them to try to pull apart that way Not a good idea About killed me and have a scar on the corner of my mouth to prove it!!

It is just amazing that this didn't seriously hurt him!

John H
Truck ran me down at 9 yrs old

Again, I'm hoping this is an accident.  If not, I hope somebody called the cops.

Kirsten K
I got in a car accident, where I rolled my durango, tore all the ligaments off my shoulder and had to get a metal rod put in.

It's amazing how she was able to rebound from that! What a story.

What's the story behind your scar? Is it a funny story, a sad story, or something else?  Only tell me if you're comfortable with it.

Injuredly yours,


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