An article published by the Sedalia Democrat announced changes in the publication of the printed version of Pettis County's only newspaper.

The Democrat will move from printing an edition five days to two days a week starting Tuesday, April 30. The printed version of the newspaper will be changing as well. The Democrat publishes a one-section paper Tuesday - Friday, and a two-section paper on Sunday. Starting Tuesday, April 30, The Democrat will publish a two-section paper which should be in subscribers' mailboxes on Tuesday and Friday.

Publisher Jamila Khalil explained to readers of The Democrat that the newspaper industry has been going through major changes and challenges over the last twenty years as people have changed their news habits.  Khali says in the article that, “Changing our print publication days was not an easy decision, but it was a decision that will allow the Democrat to adapt in an evolving market and continue operating as Pettis County’s only newspaper.”

In both editions of the twice-weekly Sedalia Democrat readers will find news and sports in the A section, with features, classifieds, and opinion content in the B section. Additionally, the newspaper says they will add new monthly columns and weekly rotating content that highlights more community members who deserve to have their stories shared.

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While the printed newspaper will be changing, The Sedalia Democrat will still publish timely articles, breaking news, and event coverage as they happen along with feature stories and opinion columns throughout the week for subscribers on the Democrat's website.

Sedalia Democrat Editor Nicole Cooke said in the story, “Our team will continue to report on Sedalia and surrounding communities as much as possible, whether it’s about local sports, business developments, the latest city and county news, election coverage, or interesting feature stories. Your newspaper’s format might be changing, but our news coverage will remain consistent.”

Townsquare Media Sedalia - Warrensburg thanks the Sedalia Democrat for letting us use their article as source material for this article. We wish them continued success as the newspaper industry and all traditional media, including our radio stations, evolve in an environment where people consume media differently than in the past. -Rob Creighton, Director of Content 

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